Welcome to our program. Live Healthy MD offers a unique set of weight loss, lifestyle, and preventative medicine services for Augusta and the CSRA. We are specialists in the areas of surgical weight loss (bariatric surgery) and medical weight loss (medical bariatrics). Lifestyle medicine includes the application of medication, diet, and exercise for the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and elevated cholesterol. Additionally, we have specialized training in the treatment of nicotine addiction.

The Surgical Weight Loss program is the area’s Center of Excellence for bariatric surgery and is operated by Dr.s Michael Blaney, Darren Glass, and Francisco Jacome. We perform all types of laparoscopic weight loss surgery (gastric bypass, gastric band (lap band), vertical sleeve gastrectomy, bilio-pancreatic diversion with duodenal switch, greater curve plication, and revisions). Unlike other programs, Live Healthy MD surgeons have made surgical weight loss the primary focus of their practice.

For those patients not ready for surgical weight loss, or who are not surgical candidates, our medical weight loss program might be right for them. The medical weight loss program is headed by Dr. Edward Boland, a metabolic expert, who applies the latest in medical science to assist our patients to lose weight and lead a healthier life. These services include behavioral, exercise and nutritional counseling, medically-supervised low- and very low-calorie diets, medications, and meal replacements. We are careful to avoid unproven and/or potentially dangerous therapies such as HCG, lipotrophic injections, “fat-burning” medications, and “fat-melting” lasers.

Part of our unique line of services, the only of its kind in Augusta and the region, is to combine a team of surgical and medical weight loss specialists, registered dieticians, psychologists, and exercise specialists. We believe that successful weight loss (bariatric surgery or medical bariatrics) should include ongoing dietary counseling, exercise education/supervision, and psychologic support to help our patients achieve their goals. Additionally we teach our patients how to exercise effectively, and supervise the program in our 2000 SF onsite “patient-only private gym” co-located with a 15000 SF members gym (Live Fit Augusta). For further information about our surgical and medical weight loss services please view the tour view.

Live Fit, Live Healthy, Live Strong…..Live Healthy MD


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