Low and Very Low Calorie Diet Plans

Anyone with a weight problem who’s looked at a book store for diet help knows the number of options is confusing and overwhelming. The sad truth is that too much of any type of food or macronutrient (protein, fat, or carbohydrate) donates the calories that lead to overweight and obesity. However, “a calorie is not a calorie,” due to the various pathways our bodies take to either use or store the various energy sources.

At Live Healthy MD, we don’t offer diets or diet plans. Instead, all of our patients are taught the basic biochemistry of energy metabolism so that they can make healthy food choices throughout the day, regardless of what grocery store, restauraunt, or social situation they may encounter. We teach lifestyles that last a lifetime, not diets that last a few weeks.

Our patients are all educated on basic low calorie options that are satisfying and sustainable. We don’t expect our patient’s to stick to a lifestyle menu that leaves them feeling hungry or deprived. The calorie and macronutrient content of this baseline nutrition model is then tailored for individuals as they progress through their weight loss journey and increase their exercise habits.

For patients who need to rapidly lose weight due to health concerns or pending surgery, we offer physician supervised low and very low calorie therapies through our meal replacement program, New Directions®.

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