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Introducing Doctors Specialists — Bariatrics and Surgical

After nearly 2 years of contract negotiations, we are excited to announce that we will be merging with a large hospital system known as Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) on February 1st. This merger will allow us to continue serving the Augusta and Dublin bariatric communities, just with added capabilities and resources. Although Live Healthy MD will continue to exist as a brand, the new clinic name will be Doctors Specialists—Bariatrics and Surgical.


We know there will be a lot of questions about this merger, so we wanted to spend some time answering some of them.

1. What will the new company name be? 

The new name of our clinics will be Doctors Specialists—Bariatrics and Surgical. We will have an additional website created for our company that we will share when it is ready, however you will still be able to access the Live Healthy MD website. Similarly, the name and logos on our doors and within the clinic will change but that is about it!

Doctors Specialists Bariatrics and Surgical

2. Where will the new clinics be located?

Our clinic locations will not change. We will continue seeing patients in Augusta and Dublin at the locations below:

  • Augusta: 3830 Washington Road, Suite 17, Augusta, GA 30907
  • Dublin: 1000 Hillcrest Parkway, Dublin, GA 31021

The clinic phone or fax numbers will not change, you can continue to reach us at 706.922.0440 (phone) or 706.922.0441 (fax).

3. What will happen to the Macon location? 

Our Macon location, including Dr. January Hill and her staff, will continue to exist as they are today. They will not be acquired by HCA and will continue to operate under the name of Live Healthy MD for the time being. You can continue to reach the Macon office by calling 478.283.0003 or by emailing their team.

4. Will I still be able to access the Live Healthy MD website, blog, and social media channels?

Absolutely! We will continue to actively post on our Blog, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Our website will also be fully operational and a place where you can still make appointments and watch our online seminar. All prospective patients who fill out a form on the Live Healthy MD website will be funneled into the list of patients that will be scheduled with Doctors Specialists—Bariatrics and Surgical.

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5. Will the physicians and staff stay the same? 

Yep! All the providers, including the surgeons (Dr. Blaney and myself), our dietitian Morgan, and our medical weight loss physician Dr. Thompson will remain in place. Similarly, nothing will change with the staff.

6. What will happen if I currently in the process with Live Healthy MD? 

Nothing will change if you are currently in the process to have surgery with our clinic. All of the staff will remain the same so if you are working with a specific patient advocate and other Live Healthy MD staff members, you will continue to communicate with them and continue on your process.

7. Will this change where I have my surgery at? 

This merger should not change where you have your surgery. HCA owns the two hospitals we perform the most surgical procedures at, Doctors Hospital of Augusta and Fairview Park in Dublin. Therefore, nothing should change in regards to where you are having your surgery at.

8. Will the surgeons still perform general surgery procedures?

Yes, our surgeons will continue to offer the same services to our patients and the same level of care. We will continue to provide a comprehensive approach to treating bariatric patients by offering medical and surgical weight loss. We will also continue to support our patient community by performing general surgery procedures.

9. Will Live Healthy MD still offer fitness classes? 

Yep, and Morgan is very excited to continue offering this service to our patient community. Classes will remain the same days and times, at least for the time being.

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We look forward to continuing the relationship we have with our patients and greatly appreciate your support during this transition period.