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Live Healthy MD Brand Playbook. 

Defining our North Star. 
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BRAND guide

Our Mission to Change Lives

Two years ago, we were asked, “What is {our} North Star? What drives us to wake up everyday and build an awesome brand?” Instinctively, we knew that we showed up everyday to change lives. Yet, we didn’t know how to put it, fully, into words-how to truly define who Live Healthy MD was as a brand. We realized, we have been operating by these unwritten and unspoken “rules” of patient care since our inception in 2011. But now, finally, after months of writing and edits and perfectionist details, we are SO excited to share our Brand Guidelines with you all—our community.
What to Expect
  • Inside Our Brand Playbook, you will learn about the following: 
  • » Our Brand Story
  • » Our Vision and Mission
  • » Our Tone and Voice
  • » Our Ideal Patient
  • » Our Logos and Colors
  • » Our Editorial Guidelines 
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