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Live Healthy MD Fitness Studio is a 2000 sf private, patient only gym that boasts some of the most advanced exercise equipment in the area.  The equipment was selected and geared to the ease of use by our patients.
Kinesis System  allows us to achieve a total body work-out with several patients at a time.  Even those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.  The patient gym also was has advanced free weight equipment, cardio equipment (crank cycles) that allow our patients who have lower body disabilities go engage in an effective workout.

Our patients can come to a free fitness evaluation by our PEAK Physical Therapy, an Augusta Based Team of physical therapists.  They will help our patients identify problem areas to work on prior to a release for general exercise.  Once evaluated our patients can then be seen by  Mark and Delethea Fernandes, owners of Stage Ready Fitness, to get started on a regular exercise program.

Stage Ready Fitness Team
Stage Ready Fitness Team


Getting Started

Adding regular physical activity is incredibly important for successful weight loss both before and after bariatric surgery as well as maintaining your weight years later. You should begin adding exercise to your daily routine before your weight loss surgery and keep it up afterward. Studies have shown that regular exercise increases your metabolic rate leading the improved weight loss and overall health.  The WLS patient who integrates cardiovascular and resistance training several times a week always looks and feels better.  Although skin is not affected by exercise it certainly makes you seem like you have less and clothes fit better.  We know from personal observation and experience that those patients that regularly exercise look and feel better.

Before surgery, aim for adding at least a small amount of physical activity each day, such as 10 minutes of walking twice a day.   Make it a goal to walk 10,000 steps per day.  Try walking at the mall or at an exercise club. You can even get a workout by marching in place while seated if you have problems with mobility. Adding exercise before surgery doubles your chances of successfully maintaining an exercise routine after your procedure and it will reduce the risks of surgery such as developing blood clots.

After surgery, it is vital to start getting into exercise as soon as possible. We will help you get started in our patient-oriented gym and exercise programs. If coming to the office for exercise is not possible due to location, our exercise staff will be happy to develop a personal program for your individual needs that you can do at home or another facility.

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