Gastric Balloon


The gastric balloon, ORBERA procedure, is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed endoscopically.  The balloon is placed into the stomach and meant to occupy space and provide an earlier sense of satiety and fullness.  The balloon is left in place for 6 months while the patient pursues a medically supervised weight loss program.  After 6 months the balloon is removed after successful weight loss and the patient continues with their healthier lifestyle.


At Live Healthy MD we offer the ORBERA procedure in a one comprehensive self pay program.  Unfortunately insurance does not cover this procedure.  Our self pay price includes:

  • Balloon placement and removal
  • 12 months of a medically supervised weight loss program
  • Anesthesia cost for placement and removal
  • BLIS Insurance to cover the very unlikely event of a complication

ORBERA Placement:

ORBERA Removal:


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