General surgery

We are proud of our surgical heritage. Mid Town Surgical Specialists has been serving the surgical needs of Augusta and the surrounding area for over 50 years. Our practice began with Dr. Frank Jones in 1952. Dr. Harold Engler joined with Dr Jones in 1964 and began providing surgical weight loss services for the community. Dr. Robert Hill began his practice in the 1976 followed by Dr.Dennis Jones, Franks son, in 1984 as one on the first vascular surgeons in the Augusta area. Dr. Blaney joined with the existing group in 2003 assuming the role of performing weight loss surgery as Dr. Engler was retiring. Dr. Wendy Davis became a partner soon thereafter. New to the team is Dr. Darren Glass who joined to group in 2011 after relocating from Minnesota where he headed a successful, Center of Excellence, bariatric program.

Our practice performs all aspects of modern day general surgery that includes cancer, abdominal, endocrine and vascular surgery. We specialize in advanced laparoscopy, including weight loss surgery, advanced treatments for reflux disease, colon and rectal surgery, benign and malignant breast diseases, vascular surgery to include venous disorders as well as endoscopic procedures. We have performed some of the first procedures in the Augusta community and continually strive to provide the most advanced, specialized care for our patients and family.

We practice at all the local private hospitals (Trinity, Doctors and University Hospital) and accept most insurance plans.

We Perform all Aspects of Advanced Surgical Care Including:

Advanced Laparoscopy for the treatment of Abdominal Surgical Disorders such as: gallbladder, weight loss, hernia, colon, spleenic and adrenal surgery Benign and Malignant Colon Surgery Benign and Malignant Breast Surgery Hernia Surgery Endocrine surgery involving the Thyroid, Parathyroid and Adrenal Glands Upper and Lower Endoscopies (EGD and Colonoscopy) for diagnostic and screening purposes Vascular Surgery including arterial and venous disorders Reflux Disease—surgical and endoscopic therapies EsophyX™ Surgical Weight Loss Medical Weight Loss Management Minor office surgery for the removal or skin lesions and moles

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