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Burn More Calories in Less Time with HIIT.

This high intensity interval training guide is perfect for when you only have a few minutes to get a sweat session in or you want to burn more calories and fat in less time. 
HIIT workout Guide for Bariatric Patients
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FITness guide

HIIT Workout Guide

This guide consists of 5 days of high intensity interval training workouts that last between 15 to 20 minutes each. Every movement is pictured with steps to completing the movement. This guide is great for burning more calories in less time. You can follow the guide exactly or you can create your own workout by mixing and matching the movements. 
  • There are many health benefits that come with incorporating HIIT into your weekly workout routine including burning more calories during and after your workout, helping you lose fat, and lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. Other benefits include:
  • » You can take it with you anywhere
  • » Each movement requires little to no equipment
  • » Workout for less than 30 minutes and torch those calories
  • » Customize your workout by mixing and matching movements
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