Meal Replacement

Patients with medical conditions or planned surgery that require rapid weight loss can benefit from the New Direction System® Low and Very Low Calorie Diets. Live Healthy MD is proud to be the only clinic in the CSRA authorized to prescribe and monitor the New Direction® program.

Weight Loss Products

A variety of great tasting and convenient meal replacement beverages, soups, shakes, and protein bars provide:
100% of the minimum RDI for protein, vitamins, and minerals
High quality protein for positive nitrogen balance
Essential fatty acids and minimal fat levels to stimulate the gallbladder
Our high protein (27 grams per serving), low carbohydrate formula helps satisfy patients’ nutritional needs, reduce hunger, and maximize weekly weight loss

Very Low Calorie Reducing Program

Our Very Low Calorie Program is a medically supervised diet(600-800 kcal/day)for patients with a least 40 lbs to lose (men at least 50 lbs). On average, patients lose 3-5 lbs per week using this program.

Low Calorie Reducing Program

Using the New Direction® Low Calorie Program, our patients receive a medically supervised, moderately regimented low calorie diet (900-1100 kcal/day) designed for individuals with less than 40 lbs to lose, who are seeking a behavioral component and group support, but who may not be suited (or medically appropriate) for the Very Low Calorie Program. This program uses two to three nutritionally complete, high protein, low calorie beverages and meal replacement bars combined with one 500-600 calorie meal daily to help patients achieve an average of 2-3 lbs per week weight loss.

On-going patient support and education are key components of both of these programs.

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