Many patients take prescription medications for conditions other than obesity. Some of these medications can actually cause patients to gain weight. A thorough review of all medications and supplements taken by our patients is part of the initial history and physical examination appointment for Live Healthy MD patients. We work with your primary care provider to exchange any “weight positive” medications for others that are “weight neutral,” or even “weight negative” (drugs that aid weight loss).

A frequent temptation to “dieters” is to lose weight with the aid of medications like Adipex™(phentermine), Bontril™ (phendimetrazine), and Tenuate™(diethylproprion). At Live Healthy MD, we understand that these medications cannot be taken indefinitely and that they are short-term answers to a long-term medical problem. As physicians committed to Lifestyle Medicine, we want our patients on the fewest number of medications of any type.

While weight loss medications can be useful for some patients, they are not appropriate for everyone. The physicians at Live Healthy MD are committed to following the prescription guidelines of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. We know that patients must make appropriate nutritional and exercise choices to achieve long-term weight loss success, even when medications are used to help break the cycle of obesity. When prescribed, we use weight loss medications as only one small part of a much larger program.

A recent trend in weight loss “clinics” is the use of “HCG” or human chorionic gonadatropin injections. HCG is a hormone produced in large quantities in women who are pregnant. The use of this hormone for weight loss is usually in conjunction with a 500 calorie/day diet. At Live Healthy MD, we concur with the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and many state medical boards who deem this use of HCG unhealthy. It is not part of our Lifestyle Medicine philosophy.

At Live Healthy MD, our success occurs when patients maintain their weight loss without the aid of stimulant medications. But, an even greater success occurs when our patients are able to stop or decrease their diabetes, hypertension, depression and other weight comorbidity medications.

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