From time to time it is necessary to convert previously performed weight loss procedures to other weight loss procedures. Although this is only necessary in a few percentage of cases it is important to be associated with a program that has a broad experience in dealing with these complex cases. These conversions might be necessary for a variety of reasons:

Complications from the prior procedure such as gastric outlet obstruction due to ulcer or stricture Band Slippage or erosion Inadequate weight loss or weight regain

We specialize in, and have a broad experience in laparoscopic conversion of:

  • Vertical Band Gastroplasty (stomach stapling) to Gastric bypass
  • Vertical Sleeve Gastrcectomy to gastric bypass
  • Revision of Gastric Bypass to revise the pouch or anastomosis
  • Conversion of Gastric Bypass to Biliopancreatic Diversion with Doudenal Switch
  • Conversion of gastric banding to gastric bypass or vertical sleeve

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