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At Live Healthy MD, we are proud to offer body sculpting services with the BTL VANQUISH ME™ technology. This device is a contactless and non-invasive form of fat cell elimination.


The VANQUISH ME™ machine uses selective RF™ (radio frequency) technology to heat fatty cells, resulting in the shrinkage and elimination of these cells. The device works best when used to treat the excess fat on the abdomen or inner/outer thighs to reduce the circumference of the entire treated area.  


All patients are welcome to experience the VANQUISH ME™ machine regardless of their body mass index (BMI). The machine is used as an aesthetic improvement for those interested in reducing the circumference of their abdomen or inner/outer thighs and losing that excess fat. Contact us today to see how body sculpting at Live Healthy MD can help you on your weight loss journey. VANQUISH ME™ is not covered by insurance.


This patented technology treats the largest area on the body at any given time compared to industry competitors. The device is a full flank to flank body treatment that creates an even look. Due to the size of the treatment area per session, patients will see more fat loss at a lower cost relative to other body shaping products on the market. This device works best for those looking to lose excess fat in the stomach or thigh area.


Treatments last about 45 minutes per session. For optimal results, we recommend patients receive four to six body shaping treatments scheduled one week apart. After each session, you can return to your everyday activities with no downtime.