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Through the years, we have perfected our understanding of the treatment of obesity as it relates to each individual and how to promote long-term weight loss success. We are committed to providing each patient with a medical weight loss plan that is individually structured to ensure optimal weight loss and weight management. Throughout the process, our medical weight loss physicians work alongside your primary care physician to maximize the reduction of weight-related comorbidities.

Available therapies to aid with weight loss as a medical treatment include intensive mental health and behavioral counseling, medication therapy, nutrition counseling and support, meal replacement, and exercise programs.


For those patients who do not qualify for weight loss surgery or are not interested in that form of treatment, we offer a complete medical weight loss program uniquely designed for each patient. What many patients fail to recognize is how their weight is negatively impacting their health. Obesity is a serious epidemic that can lead to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, sleep apnea, hypertension, and other chronic and potentially debilitating medical conditions.


At the first visit to our medical weight loss clinic, our physicians will perform a complete medical evaluation, physical examination, body composition analysis, and the appropriate lab work. The purpose of these tests is to better understand the patient’s current state of health and determine the best course of action so our patients can achieve optimal weight loss and long-term weight loss success.


Based on the results from the tests described above, the physician will decide if medication is the best method to help break the cycle of obesity. At Live Healthy MD, we offer prescription medications in conjunction with an overall weight loss program that includes a diet and exercise plan. We strive to help patients achieve and maintain their goal body weight without stimulant medications, and therefore view prescription medications as only a short-term tool in the path towards holistic health.