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The Augusta WLS Support Group is open to the public regardless of hospital or surgeon affiliation. Meetings are held for pre-surgery or post-surgery patients wanting to get support through the process and to hear personal experiences from other patients. We encourage all patients to attend the support group meeting prior to surgery. We believe that the only way to make an informed decision is by fully understanding all the details of surgery to include its risks and benefits. Meetings are the first and third Thursdays of each month:


First Thursday at 630 PM at Live Healthy MD Office, 3830 Washington Road, Martinez GA

Everyone is welcome to come including family members.

For more information call our office at 706-922-0440 or Email our support group leader Trish Fine:


We invite you to join our on-line support group that is on Facebook. This is a way for our group to communicate and provide support during the month.  The Facebook group is secret to protect our patients privacy.  To join the group send a friend request to  Trish Riley Fine  and she will confirm your association with our practice and add you to the group.

Our patients can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to gain support as well as our on line Blog.  We will be posting tips and helpful ideas to our patients to help them achieve their weight loss goals as well as maintain their weight loss.

Under the direction of its leader, Trish, the support group operates in ways that you might not expect. Unlike traditional support groups we provide an interactive and educational program at each meeting. You can come and simply listen or get actively involved. Additionally, though the support group, we operate a non profit organization for fund raising and also celebrate our patients successful weight loss with our yearly Bariatric Ball.

We encourage you to attend. If you have difficulty getting out in the evening for whatever reason let us know know and we will likely be able to assist through the network of patients who live near you.

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