Evelyn Bobo

In June and July of 2008 I suffered heart attacks at the tender age of 59. I was 100+ lbs overweight, every doctors visit was about how I needed to lose that weight but after my second attack I began to listen and think ‘what can I do?’ That is when I began my research. I had been on liquid diets until my teeth hurt and my hair started to fall out; I had been on a doctor’s program, lost 80 lbs and gained 90! I had been on Weight Watchers 3 different times with the same results. Finally, I was surfing the internet and up pops an article about Bariatric Surgery and since the testimonals sounded so positive, I signed up for an informational seminar in December 2008. But I knew I wanted a compassionate and professional doctor and staff and to my surprise, I found exactly who and what I needed to shake that 3rd heart attack which I knew was just waiting around the corner. Mid Town Surgical/Live Healthy MD(Dr. Arthur Chasen) and the staff was the answer to my prayer. The process went along so quickly, required sessions were awesome, I felt that these folks really had my best interest at heart. And here I am, almost 3 years out and the caterpillar is now a beautiful butterfly…life is awesome on this side of healthy!!!

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