Jesse Chancey

My Name is Jesse Jay Chancey. I’m 21 Years Old. I live in Augusta,Ga. I was born at Trinity Hospital formerly St.Joseph Hospital. I have was obese all my life. In 2004 I got my dad to withdraw me from school and Home school me due to a lifetime of ridicule and teasing from kids at school. I should have just turned around and just knocked one of them out, after all they were bullying me, why not do the same to them. I had a teacher back me up on this Idea also. In 2009 I got to my highest weight of 469 Lbs. I had a choice to make, Live this way and be unhappy with myself, or thanks to my family Physician Dr Riaz Rassekh a choice of Weight Loss Surgery. So Do I really want to do this? I asked myself that the whole year. Later in the year I went to Dr.Rassekh for a checkup and found out I had sleep apnea,high cholestorol,high blood pressure,and a fatty live on top of that,also I was on the verge of Diabetes. I knew something had to be done. So he recommended me to Dr.Michael Blaney at Midtown Surgical Specialists. I made an appointment with him and told him I was considering the Lapband Surgery. Dr.Blaney said ” No, that will not work. For a Young man your size I encourage you to do the RNY surgery or Best known as the Gastric Bypass Surgery.” I had to go to a therapist to see if I was mentally ready for such a big descision. I went to her and she said NO WAY. You cannot chnage your eating habit now and you will not do so after surgey. So, I was at a loss of words. I called my Dr. (Dr.Rassekh) and said,” Dr. I had to see a therapist and she did an evaluation and denied me to have the surgery, What do I do now?” He called Connie Stapleton and told her my health history and that this was a medical requirment that if I was not to have the Surgery I would die. All this was true. My size was killing me. I had all the unhealthy factors that I should not have at 18 years old. So, Connie called Dr.Blaney and changed her mind with the help of Dr.Rassekh, I got a surgery date 12-14-2009. It was set in stone. Was I really ready? Did I want to go through with this? Abseloutely, how could I have come so far to be turned down by a therapist which at the time i could not stand her. So, the day of surgery comes, Its 10 o’ clock in the morning and I’m lying on Operating table. What am I doing? ,I asked myself. How did I let myself get here? Dr.Blaney came out after an hour and half or so surgery and told my family the news. I was alive after the surgery. There was a chance that you would not survive the Surgery and I beat those odds. I had to stay in the hospital for 3 long days with a nurse who would chew you out about doing your laps around the hall. 30 laps made 1 mile they told me and you had finish them before the night was over. Her name was Bobbie Smith on of the strictest people I have evr met. She kept you on your feet. Without her I dont know what I would have done in that hospital for 3 days. I had just been released from the hospital and the ride home was the worst. I had to pass by all the old food places that I use to love. Sconyers Bar-b-que was and still is my favorite. I can still eat at Sconyers but not as much as I use to could. I still think they sould make me a plate and put it on the menu. The Jesse Chancey Platter has a nice ring to it. I had to realize that was an old way of life. I can not go out to eat at an all you can eat place and eat all I wanted anymore. I needed to eat to live and not live to eat. I had a new meaning on life. I had my first Dr.’s appointment after surgery and had lost 30lbs in one week. What an accomplishment and I owe it all to Dr.Blaney and nurse Bobbie for that 30lbs. I had my drainage tube removed and got to enjoy the rest of my month off of work from Kroger. When I returned from my leave of absence all the customers was complementing me on my looks and that made me feel good and still does to this day. I now work at BI-LO, when me and Kroger had to go our seperate ways. I enjoy what I do and it is a workout itself. You stand in one spot all day lifting groceries and ringing them up and bagging them and then putting them back in the cart. Talk about a fulltime workout. Six months after surgery came quickly. I had lost 150lbs and was proud of it. I could go shopping and fit everything I wanted. I no longer had to shop in the BIG & TALL section. I could have anything I wanted. I had a size 48 waist before surgery and was now in a 38. thats 10 inches in six months. I recently joined a gym and started working out on my cardio and weight lifting now that I was fully recovered and could do everything I use to could. I went back to Dr.Blaney for my 1 year anniversary out from surgery and lost 200lbs in 1 year. WOW I was shocked. I had only planned to lose 175 or so pounds and now I have surpassed my goal. I am now down 284 Lbs in 36 months and am e-static. I can wear a pant size 32 and a Large shirt when I was in a XXXXL shirt 2 years earlier. Its amazing how something so little as Gastric bypass can change your life so big. I can now do everything I could not do before. Before I could not fit on the rides at the local fair. Now I can. Before I didn’t want to shop for clothes. Now I do. Before I didn’t take pictures of myself, and now I do. I love the team at Midtown Surgical Specialist. They have changed my life in a way they will never know. I want to thank you all for the opportunity to tell my story. I really appreciate it. Thanks, A much lighter, Jesse Jay Chancey

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