Lynn G.

I have been overweight most of my life and obese most of my adult life. I’ve done almost every diet known to man starting when I was 12 years old and each with the same result, lose gain, lose gain, etc.. In 2002 I joined a popular weigh loss program and lost 70 plus pounds. I never made it to goal but was pretty close. I kept that weight off for about 2 years then started putting the weight back on. I tried several times to get the weight back off but it just kept going up until I had gained all the weight previously lost plus some. After multiple failed attempts, I started investigating WLS in 2006 after a couple of friends had the lap-band. In 2009 I decided it was time, I had a consultation appt. with Dr. Blaney and all of my follow up appointments with Psychiatrist , Nutritionist and EGD were scheduled. For whatever reason, I could never get at peace with it so I canceled all my appointments. (And no, no one in the office judged me, tried to pressure me, they were just understanding and supportive) I thought if I had surgery I would never be able to eat again and I just wanted to make sure I had really done all I could to lose weight before undergoing surgery. I wanted to make sure I would be ready for the required change. In 2011, my weight was still up plus a few more pounds. I had no energy, I didn’t want to go out of the house. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired so I called the office and made another consultation appointment with Dr. Blaney and I never looked back. I had a VSG (vertical sleeve gasterectomy) Oct 31st 2011. It was the best thing I could have ever done. My recovery has been smooth and uneventful. I am currently down 68 pounds and 40 pounds away from goal, I am off my blood pressure medicine, I have more energy and am living life. I have just recently signed up to train for a 5K beginning in May and I can’t believe it!! Who would have ever thought I would run on purpose… and pay for it! 🙂 I have no regrets about the surgery and would do it again in a heartbeat!!

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