Melissa Schlickenmayer

I just wanted to say something about how sad I am that Dr. Glass is no longer up here with us in Minnesota! He is one of the most personal and caring doctors I have had the pleasure to work with! I was unfortunate in the fact that my body decided to have one of the less “fun” journeys that can be presented to a gastric by-pass patient. Even with the post-op complications, (consisting of a GI bleed, a few strictures, a gallbladder removal and the fixing of a hernia), there isn’t any other Doctor that I would prefer to have with me through all of it! He was amazingly skilled at working with my issues we encountered. His dedication to his work would cause him to not only appear on regular doctor rounds to take care of me, but in addition he showed up in street clothes on his personal time to ensure I was in the best health. He helped me go from a size 24/26 at 234 pounds to a size 4/6 at 127 pounds and I can say that because of his dedication to me, I have maintained this for almost 4 years successfully! Following Dr. Glass’s orders was essential to achieving the great results I did. If you are seriously considering this path for your health, you will be blessed with a great doctor and be held accountable in your meetings with him to reach your personal goals. Miss you Doctor Glass, and THANK YOU for all that you did for me!

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