My insurance co. told me 5 years ago I was covered for gastric bypass. When it came time to have surgery the insurance co. said I was not covered. They even told the company I work for that gastric bypass was covered. The company would not stand by what me. I got depressed and gave up and gained up to 415 lbs. I could not breath when I walked had diabetes, and other medical problems. I had 5 tias and was in deep trouble. I went on diet and lost down to 265 lbs. Like all diets I gained back to 338 and was going back up. I went back on a diet and went to see Dr. Blaney when I found out my new insurance covered gastric bypass. I had them send me a letter said I was covered. I lost down to 326 lbs. before seeing DR BLANEY. I had my surgery 12/15/11. I HAVE LOST 88 LBS. Gone from 56 in pants to 40 in pants and from 3xl shirt to xl shirt. It took me 1 1/2 hours to walk a mile. Now I can run 2 1/2 miles in less than hour , bike 12 miles in a hour and do 5000 steps on a step machine and do one hour workout with weights. I am tire when I finish. I am not sucking for air and my blood pressure is not through the roof . it is in the 120 to 130 over 70 or 80 range. I am cutting back on blood pressure medicne and depression medicine. I am off all diabetes medicine. I have more energy to play with my grand kids. They are telling me how much have I lost. LIFE HAS BEGUN TO BE A BOWL OF CHERRIES!!! I got a second chance on life. I wish I had done it 15 years ago. I would not had to medical retire because of health problems and with problems of my ankle,knees and back. I am beginning to enjoy life again and have great fun. IT is a lot of work. I am up to it. I feel like I am up to it.

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