Priscilla Post

Well, I am waiting to have gastric bypass April 9th. I am so excited. I have wanted this for so long. I have been through so much with weight issues. First of all I weigh 364 right now. I have been stuck in a picnic table, broken at least 5 chairs, barely fit in a booth, and couldn’t climb the ladder to our above ground pool last summer as the weight limit was 250 lbs. I have been stared at,, made fun of, and flat out been a complete joke. Thank God, I now have this opportunity to have gastric bypass. This is going to give me my life back. Dr. Blarney is supportive, helpful, and comforting. I am so blessed. I will soon be able to run around with my nephews, sit on the floor, fit in a booth, wear normal clothes and love my body. I am excited for this new journey that I shall travel forever…

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