Sandra Dawson

Hello my name is Sandra. My current weight is 368 lbs. I Have’nt had my surgery yet I’m waiting on my surgery date. I am attending the support group meetings in Augusta,Ga where I am learning alot of information about the different types of surgery for weight loss and the protein drinks, vitamins ect. I will need to stay healthy on my journey to a new lease on life. Dr. Blaney will be my surgeon, he is most knowledgeable about the different types of WLS. My husband and I attended the 3 hour workshop and enjoyed the whole session. I asked Dr. Blaney if he was a teacher he was so on point with the information he provided.Dr. Blaney made a good first impression on me and my husband during my first consult with him. On the day He did my EDG he was most professional as well as the staff who took care of me. I am looking forward to my surgery; I’m also a bit nervous but I feel I will be in great hands.

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