Susan Holub

I had my RNY done down in Florida in 2007. I was sent for all the usual pre-op test only so doctor could get his payment, not for the betterment of my health. I had no pre-op seminars or support group to go to atleast none I was made aware of the only time I would talk to anyone about procedure was in office if someone would ask a question of another patient. I first was introduced to Live Healthy MD by a friend who was in the process of having surgery and she invited me to a support group meeting. I was truly amazed at the amount of people who attended and then was introduced to the doctors. I could not believe I was deprived of this I think maybe I might have had better results. In talking to Dr. Chasen we had decided that he would see me as a patient only to find out that during a previous surgery my RNY had been reversed therefore letting me know it was not me who was the failure. I continued to attend support groups and see Dr. Chasen and he agreed to redo my surgery due to my depression and anxiety. Through the support group I got to know Dr.Blaney and felt very comfortable with asking him questions and seeking his opinions on many different occasions, as well as Dr. Glass. I have now lost in excess of 350 lbs and know that without the constant guidance and support from all the Doctors and my amazing nutritionist Trish, who has also gone above and beyond to answer my questions and help me better understand why a certain vitamin was better then another or which protein to use. And Carla for her constant guidance and encouragement and the fantastic people no make that friends I have met and are helping me along this wonderful, healthy, and a life worth living again journey. Without you all I would not now feel as great as I do or been able to give up 280 units of insulin a day, 3 different blood pressure meds, as well as 2 different cholesterol meds. I was in a wheel chair, tried physical therapy who gave up on me due to my lack of being able to move. You all and the message board have been my salvation and for this I say thank you Live Healthy MD

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