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Conversation started Wednesday Susan McVay 10/23, 1:56am Susan McVay Hi Charlie Carla told me to tell you my story… I would love to tell it to you… it is a story of a very special love and loss of life so that I could live a healthy life with WLS… In 2007 My husband and I sold our trucking business and my husband began working for a local trucking company so we could have health insurance… My husband wanted me to have WLS so I could be healthy again and be able to drive trucks with him again.. So Feb 2 of 2007 we got the health insurance that we were wanting and on Feb 8th of 2007 I was seeing a Bariatric Dr. in Shreveport LA… I just knew I was going to get my surgery but it was not to because on April 21 of 2007 I received a letter from my insurance company “Blue Cross and Blue Shield” that I was decided because of lack of information… I had gone to my PCP where I weighed 438lbs who referred me to the Bariatric Surgeon.. and also referred me to a sleep Dr. and the physic Dr. even my GYN even wrote a letter stating I needed the surgery.. but to no avail… so I kind of gave up at that point… But on May 19th of 2007 my world came tumbling down around me… my husband was killed in a roll over in his truck… He had broke his neck… I was heart broken… My husband, my friend, my love of my life was gone… I was living in a small town in Louisiana and my mom and dad were in GA so they asked me to come out for the summer and stay with them and see if I would like it here in GA so I came out and spent the month with them… Wail I was in Augusta GA I soot out a Bariatric Dr. because I was weighting 440lbs by that time… and having health issues because of the weight.. She put me on Medifast and told me that I did not need to do the surgery cause of health concerns and talked me out of it… For a year and a half I did the Medifast diet and lost down to 420lbs…By now I had seen a sleep Dr. and boy he was very upset with me cause my O2 levels were at 53.. He put me on a CPap that very day… Now I had sleep apt. He told me I needed to lose weight that it would help with that… well I tried again on my own to lose the weight and another year went by and I saw him again… I stepped on the scales and my weight was 484lbs… I had gained over 50lbs within a year… He told me that day Susan you are going to DIE!!! that scared me so bad that I left his office and went across the street to my PCP Dr. and asked to be referred to a Bariatric Surgeon so that I could have gastric bypass… By this time I am in a wheelchair full time cause I was too heavy to wall an amount of distance. On July 15th 0f 2010 I went to a seminar that Dr. Blaney was giving at Trinity Hospital for Bariatric Surgery. I signed the paperwork that night for them to start the insurance paperwork… I also stayed for the support meeting after the seminar… I sat there and listened to everyone and their stories… This gave me hope again.. I was like a sponge soaking up every bit of information I could get.. I sat there and cried cause I wanted to be were they were… HEALTHY.. that week Dr. Blaney’s office called me in and with bells on I went… From that night on I was determined I was going to have the surgery and I was going to do everything I could to learn what I needed to know to stay healthy and happy. Carla the “Group Support Leader” was talking about this wonderful “TOOL” that would help aid us in our weight loss and how we could use it… So I started to work on me… I started going to all the support meeting I could.. I even got onto the message board. Started asking questions of the other group members.. I was wanting to exercise too but I was in a wheelchair and thought I was very limited to what I could do… Not True!!! One of the ladies on the board told me about chair aerobics at Barneys… said I could just wheel my chair right in there and exercise with them.. I thought this could be fun so I went to see what it was all about… and sure enough I could wheel right into the room and exercise with the class.. I enjoyed it so much that I would go Tuesdays and Thursdays.. even got my 89 yr old grandmother to come and do a class… Between cutting my portions and drinking protein shakes and the chair aerobics I started losing weight… I wanted Dr. Blaney to see I was serious about this… So every week I would go to his office and weigh on his scales.. little by little the weight started coming off… So by the time I got my date for surgery I had lost 86lbs… and on Feb 07th of 2011 I had RNY Gastric Bypass surgery… Best day of my life… But the work was not over yet… I was still in a wheelchair so I made it my mission to do what every it was going to take to get out of that chair and walk… One night at the support meeting a friend that was doing the meeting challenged me to get up out of my wheelchair and walk to the front for my sticker for losing a 100 lbs… So I took that challenge and got up out of my chair and walked to the front.. and kept on walking.. from the wheelchair to a walker to a cane… Then I had to deal with the contractors I had in my hips and in my knees.. This was caused by sitting in the wheelchair all thoughts years… I started working out with PT to help with my core balance.. At night I had to wear braces on both legs and sleep on my stomach… The Dr’s around here did not know how to do surgery on contractors so Carla and I went on line and found a surgeon that dealt with contractors.. and he had also wrote a paper on Obesity and the effects it has on the knees and bones… This was a plus in my book any day… So I sent an email to him and told him about my contractors and explained my situation to him and on Dec 3, 2012 I had an appointment with this Dr. in Charlotte N.C. We talked and he had me take x-rays of my knees and said he could help me and how would I like a Christmas present. I said sure… So he set Dec 20th 2012 as my surgery date for total knee replacement and he was also going to take that contractor out from the knee.. I had the left done first then on March 1 2013 I had the right knee done… I worked with PT on both knees and also worked out with a personal trainer at Live Fit… The contractors were gone and I could walk straight with out any problems… Then I bent over one day to pick up a piece of paper off the floor and my back began to hurt really bad so I went to see my pain Dr. and he had me do an MRI of my back… well good thing we did cause they found a mass on my left Kidney… Renal Cell Carcinoma. The next week I was seen by a Urologist. He said the Kidney had to come out.. So on July 24, 2013 I had my left Kidney removed… Because the cancer was encapsulated within the kidney I did not have to have chemo or radiation.. I feel very blessed with that… But the best thing of all is I have lost 287lbs and my BMI is now 29 and HEALTHY… I am no longer that 484lb woman with the BMI of 72 and unhealthy and in a wheelchair. I am walking and living every day… Best thing I could have done for myself.. But most of all it is my loving tribute to my late husband that gave his life so that I could live… Thank you Charles

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