Weight loss Surgery Options

At Live Healthy MD, we feel that it is important to offer our patients the option of all available weight loss procedures since one procedure is not always right for every patient. We perform all of our weight loss procedures using a minimally invasive (laparoscopic approach). We perform more procedures then all others in the area combined and all of our surgeons dedicated the majority of their time to the treatment of obesity.  We offer our patients the following procedures which is the most comprehensive program in the region:

As a Bariatric Center of excellence we are often asked to handle the most complex of cases.  We are one of the few programs in the south east that evaluate and perform conversions of failed Gastric bypass to Biliopancreatic Diversion with Doudenal Switch (BPD-DS).  Not all prior bypass patients are a candidate for this option, but the ones that have a significant amount of weight gain after a bypass a conversion to a BPD-DS can provide that patient with a new, fresh start.

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