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A weight loss surgery resource center that believes every patient has the right to wellness and happiness.

Weight loss surgery is our passion. Our mission is to cure the disease of obesity by providing accessible education and services to all overweight and obese individuals so that they may live a happier, healthier, and longer life.

Our Services

Weight Loss Surgery
Get connected to bariatric surgeons who are skilled in performing all weight loss surgery procedures using a minimally invasive approach.
Medical Weight Loss
Uniquely designed programs based on patient medical history and their current state of health as a part of our comprehensive bariatric weight loss programs.
Fitness Classes
Access to specialized personal trainers and a private, bariatric patient-only gym at our Augusta location.

We are here to help you be happy and live healthy.

What patients have to say!

"My life has changed so much—there is so much I can now do after weight loss surgery." 
Amy, Lost 120 Pounds
Changing Lives with Weight Loss Surgery in Georgia
Our Experience

Changing Lives

At Live Healthy MD, we pride ourselves on performing the most challenging and complex procedures in the region as a comprehensive bariatric weight loss surgery program. Our board-certified surgeons perform all weight loss procedures and complex revisions. We strive to provide the support and services needed to help our patients achieve wellness and happiness. 
Lives Changed
Core Values

Care Philosophy

Value of the Individual
We value every patient because we believe everyone has the right to wellness and happiness.
Compassionate State-of-the-Art Care
We are committed to continuously updating our program to provide compassionate, comprehensive, and state-of-the-art care.
Staff is our Most Important Resource
We understand that happy employees make for happy patients, so we value and greatly appreciate our staff.
Lifetime of Care
At Live Healthy MD, once you become a patient, you are a patient for life.
Care Philosophy for Weight Loss Surgery Patients

Continue Learning

We like to stay educated and believe you should too. We always have updated information for our patients about healthy living and the latest advances in treating the disease of obesity on our blog.
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