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10 Tips for Finding the Motivation to Workout

Let’s be honest—the most daunting part of working out is the thought of working out. For most people, finding time to hit the gym means waking up at the crack of dawn to go before work or finding the energy to get a good sweat in after work. So, it is no surprise that the majority of adults say “to heck with it” when it comes to finding time to exercise.Let’s face it though, life will always get in the way. So how do you find the motivation to exercise and become consistent with it?

1. Find an activity you enjoy

The first step to finding the motivation to workout is to find an activity you enjoy doing. When you do so, you will begin looking forward to working out and will view it as your “me” time and as a hobby. So, try out some different exercises and learn how to incorporate the ones you love into your schedule. Exercise doesn’t have to be traditional—try Zumba, rock climbing, disk golf and more.

workout schedule for motivation2. Plan your workout schedule

Write out a plan and stick to it! This is a great way to hold yourself accountable to exercising because when you take the time to sit down and plan a schedule, you ensure you are not over committing yourself, you are strategically thinking of a great time in the day to exercise, and you motivate yourself to check off your daily workout plan.

When you have a schedule, you will begin to think if you miss one day it will screw up the rest of your week so you better get to it!

3. Find a time that works for you

Along with creating a workout schedule, find a good time in the day that fits into your schedule. For me, I love my morning workouts. After trying to incorporate afternoon exercise into my daily routine, I quickly learned that I was not motivated to go to the gym after work. So, play around with a few different times in the day to figure out the best time for you and your energy levels.

4. Enlist a friend

We have all heard this one, but it has proved itself to be a great tip for finding workout motivation. By enlisting a workout buddy, you both are holding each other accountable to show up and put in work. Also, it’s a great way to socialize while improving your health.

5. Sign up for a group fitness classMorgan Group Fitness

If you need some more accountability, sign up for a group fitness class. This is a wonderful way to stay committed—especially if you dropped some dollar bills to attend that class. Similarly, we are all naturally competitive. So, a group fitness class will not only motivate you to show up but it will also motivate you to push yourself harder than you otherwise would.

At Live Healthy MD, we offer patient-only workout classes every Monday and Wednesday evening from 5:15 PM to 6 PM. You can call our office to reserve a spot in the classes for only $30 for the month: 706.922.0440.

6. Create goals

Goal setting is a great way to find motivation to get started andto keep going. Your goal may be to run 1 mile or do 10 pushups, so you work for it. And once you achieve that goal you are even more motivated to keep working at it to achieve greater goals!

7. Ask yourself, “Will I regret missing this workout”

When my alarm goes off in the morning, I always—without fail—roll over to snooze it and lay in bed thinking “will I regret not getting up?” It is always a yes. Like missing a meeting you know you should have attended, you will end up regretting not going to exercise. I guarantee it!

workout playlist headphones8. Create an awesome workout playlist

I love my workout playlist! I turn it on and immediately become hype, even if I am sitting at work. I recommend picking some of your favorite high-energy tunes to make a playlist with. You can listen to this playlist as you prepare to go workout—it’s a great energy and mood boost!

9. Get addicted to the post-workout endorphin rush

Part of why I love working out is that I know how greatI will feel afterwards! Granted, becoming addicted to this feeling will take time. But if you start now and stay consistent, you will begin to recognize that post-workout endorphin rush that will lead you to wanting more and coming back tomorrow.

10. Wear a fitness tracker

Fitness watches are everywhere nowadays. Whether you have a Fitbit, an Apple Watch, or a Garmin, these are great ways motivate yourself. Fitness tracking devices tell you how many calories you burned and how long you exercised for—motivating you to start and push yourself with each exercise.

If you are a Live Healthy MD patient, we offer workout classes every Monday and Wednesday at our Augusta office. Follow this link to sign up!