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5 Surprisingly “Healthy” Foods That May be Ruining Your Diet

With lots of information on the internet about what you should and should not be eating, it is easy to consume the wrong information, especially for our patients who are looking to lose weight before or after bariatric surgery. Our team at Live Healthy MD has put together a list of common "healthy" foods that could actually be sabotaging your weight loss success.

Interpreting this information: 

As the obesity rate continues to rise in America, more and more news outlets are publishing articles on how to stay healthy. Similarly, more and more food manufacturers are creating food alternatives that taste just "as good as the real stuff". For our patients, however, it is important they follow a low-carb diet in order to successfully see the weight come off.

The infographic below details 5 key foods we frequently see patients indulging in because they are quote-unquote healthy. Although these foods are considered whole and/or nutritious, they contain more carbs than you would think. Therefore, they could be secretly sabotaging your weight loss results!


healthy foods that may be ruining your diet

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