Finding Confidence after Bariatric Surgery
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5 Ways to Find Confidence after Bariatric Surgery

Finding confidence after bariatric surgery isn’t hard in the first few months post-operatively. One of the many benefits of bariatric surgery is the confidence you will gain after losing weight. The first few months after surgery are euphoric—the weight is coming off, and you feel much healthier. In many cases, patients will maintain most of their weight loss for many years after their bariatric procedure.

Yet, studies have found that 50% of patients will regain some weight after two years. Although it is normal for a patient’s weight to fluctuate and even put on a few pounds once they settle into their new eating habits, this can leave some patients feeling depressed—losing that confidence they once felt. 

5 Ways to Find Confidence after Bariatric Surgery

If you have lost your confidence after bariatric surgery it’s time to readjust your mindset to start looking forward with renewed optimism. This blog details how to build the confidence you need without focusing on the number on the scale. 

1. Change up your fitness routine

Suppose it’s your fitness routine (or lack thereof) that requires some work. If it is, then investing more time into getting fitter may be just the confidence booster you’ve been looking for. Again, it’s about setting specific goals for your exercise regime depending on what you want to achieve, whether to lose weight, build muscle or improve your endurance levels. Now is the time to do so while the year is still fresh.

2. Eat healthier foods

Of course, when it comes to feeling good and gaining confidence, what you eat will play a vital role in achieving your overall health and wellness goals. This should include a conscious decision to eat more wisely or more nutritiously. In fact, the correct food choices can serve as the perfect complement to an exercise fitness regime, ensuring you reach your weight and health goals as efficiently as possible. 

3. Take a rest day

Rest is always one of the best remedies for when you’re not feeling yourself. Furthermore, you’ll want to ensure that your rest time is free from any and all distractions to derive the most benefit out of it as you can. Try a guided meditation, which may be an excellent option for discovering and building confidence.  

4. Consider a career change

Maybe it’s your current job that’s got you feeling a little more down than usual, in which case, a change in career direction may be in order. While this may seem like a big (and risky) step to take, staying in a job that is detrimental to your mental health may cause more harm than good in the long run. Plus, countless people have made a career switch later in life. So if that’s what is putting you off, don’t let it delay you any further. 

5. Spend time with yourself

To be the best you can be, you have to make time for yourself. It’s about doing those things that rejuvenate and re-energize you without you even noticing it. Of course, me-time may look totally different from one person to another. For some, it may mean reading a book, meditating, or going for long walks in the great outdoors. 

In summary, if you want to get a head start on the year right now, you need to make the changes, no matter how small or drastic, to get there. Therefore, do those things that make you a better version of yourself, not forgetting to embrace the more confident you as you do so. 

This post was written by Julie Morris, Life and Career Coach, from and published on the Bariatric Centers of America blog

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