Live Healthy MD Brand Playbook
The Brand Edit: Our Mission to Change Lives

Live Healthy MD is a lifestyle and wellness brand with a mission to cure the disease of obesity and change lives. Over the last year, we have worked tirelessly to define and fine-tune our brand. And we wanted to share it with you all because we want all of our patients to understand our mission is more than just performing surgeries, but inspiring patients to wellness and happiness through healthy efforts.

Our Brand Story

So let's go back to 1999 when the idea first began for Dr. Blaney. 

"At the time, a patient I had an affinity for, told me she believed bariatric surgery would be my life's pursuit. Fast forward seven years later, and I found myself in a position to inherit the General Surgery Private Practice, Midtown Surgical Specialists, from a retiring bariatric surgeon, Dr. Harold Engler. While I began my practice as a general surgeon, when Dr. Harold Engler decided to retire, I saw an opportunity to advance my surgical skill set by continuing to grow the community's bariatric services and offerings that Dr. Engler started. 

And thinking back to that day in the hospital in 1999, I was motivated to find out if this was my life's pursuit. After several years of bariatric training alongside Dr. Engler and other bariatric professionals in the region, I was determined to make this my passion. 

By 2011, my idea turned into reality as the doors to Live Healthy MD opened in the beautiful garden city—Augusta, Georgia. Over the years, Live Healthy MD grew to become the only comprehensive bariatric clinic in the region. As patient volume increased, I knew I couldn't succeed on my own. I recruited two other surgeons, Dr. Francisco Jacome, in 2012, and Dr. January Hill in 2019, to help me achieve my vision of being the premier bariatric provider in the Georgia community

Today, Live Healthy MD is in three cities in Georgia, and we are continuing to expand our reach. Our goal is to make our services accessible to all patients throughout the southeast. We are committed to curing the disease of obesity and giving every individual the chance to be happy and healthy." - Michael Blaney, MD 

Our Vision

To be the most comprehensive weight loss clinic in the markets we serve, based on science, not fads, and to bring wellness and happiness to all of our patients.

Our Mission

To cure the disease of obesity by offering accessible education and customized services to all overweight and obese individuals so that they may live a happier, healthier, and longer life.

Core values

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that our patients' quality of life scores will improve. We guarantee that after having weight loss surgery, our patients will live a happier life and find they can do so much more than they ever anticipated.

We are a company based on science, not fads, and will help our patients achieve overall wellness—not just weight loss. We promise to continuously create new content that is always science-backed and provide compassionate, state-of-the-art care that is updated for the best medical and surgical offerings. We guarantee that you will receive tangible and intangible benefits from your investment of time and money. 

Our Tone and Personality


As a brand, we are sincere and compassionate, cheerful, and inviting. We always connect with our patients in a genuine, personal, and empathetic manner.

Live Healthy MD's tone (or how we say what we want to say) is always plain, personal, and uplifting. On social media, we may be quirky or casual, but it is essential to be clear over funny every time. 


The journey our patients will experience is highly emotional, and at times they may feel like they have failed or gotten off track. However, we never dwell on their mistakes. We want everyone to feel empowered by our brand and know that there is hope for them. We do not want anyone to feel ashamed for seeking our help. 


We are accepting of all individuals regardless of their background or their weight history. We are not intimidating or aggressive in our words and actions. We want every patient to know they are welcome. We want our patients to feel right at home when they walk through our doors, and it is our mission to let them know they have nothing of which to be ashamed.


We provide compassionate, state of the art care. We want our patients to know we will care for them in the best way we can. We want them to feel care and compassion throughout their journey with our brand and know we are here for them every step of the way. We will hold their hands. And we will craft a program specifically for their needs to help them achieve their goals.


We are a respected brand in the community. Therefore, our voice should reflect the confidence we have in our expertise as the most advanced and comprehensive program in the region. We communicate our expertise to our patients from the first day of their weight loss journey. Confidence is substantive and credible, NOT nondescript or arrogant.

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