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Augusta Program Acceleration At A Glance

Live Healthy MD is a comprehensive weight loss surgery and medical weight loss clinic in Georgia specializing in the treatment of the obesity epidemic. They opened in 2011 in the beautiful garden city, Augusta, Georgia, and were doing a fair number of bariatric surgeries each year. However, they operated like many other bariatric practices—solely focused on their surgery volume, not their brand.
The Challenge
The Augusta weight loss surgery market has become increasingly more competitive with two other bariatric programs in the area. Although Live Healthy MD is an established brand, they were losing market to their competition. Our goal was to accelerate Live Healthy MD’s bariatric program by generating more leads and improving their pull-through rate to grow surgical volume while creating a unique competitive advantage.
The Outcome
Bariatric Centers of America completely overhauled the Live Healthy MD website and brand. Within one year, bariatric leads coming from online sources grew from 35% to 50% across all locations, and their pull-through rate (from the first visit to surgery increased from 42% to 60%. These combined results led to substantially more bariatric procedures completed and revenue generated for our hospital partners.
Growth in Patient Leads
Since bariatric acceleration services began for Live Healthy MD, they have seen a steady incline in all referral types—physician, self, and online. Within the last six months, online referral leads have grown substantially as a result of the continued effort toward digital marketing and building brand authority within the field of bariatric medicine and weight loss surgery.
Growth in Patient Leads for Bariatric Program Acceleration Bariatric Centers of America
Program Acceleration in a Competitive Market Live Healthy MD
Our Approach
The Live Healthy MD mission is to cure the disease of obesity by offering accessible education and customized services to all overweight and obese individuals so that they may live a happier, healthier, and longer life.
Inspiring Patients to Wellness and Happiness

Live Healthy MD wanted to create a brand that was focused on creating and curating science-based resources for their bariatric patients. They wanted to take a unique approach to building and scaling their brand, quite different from other bariatric programs. Through digital marketing and a focus on the bariatric back office, BCA was able to brand Live Healthy MD to have a competitive advantage over the other Augusta weight loss surgery programs and to provide high-quality patient care.

Live Healthy MD focused on curating a brand mission and vision that bariatric patients could resonate with.

Through the bariatric acceleration efforts put in place, Live Healthy MD Augusta has been able to improve their practice revenue and volume, and projects continued growth.

Live Healthy MD Brand Playbook Bariatric Centers of America
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