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The Talking it Up Show with Arlean Edwards is a local production that interviews keynote speakers within the CSRA. I, Dr. Jacome, was invited to join Arlean on set in a series of videos where I talk about what it takes to live healthy. This is the fourth video we are sharing from this series. You can find the first three videos on Calories, Dieting, and Family Dynamics on our blog. Be sure to stay tuned to see what other exciting topics I cover in the coming months!


Below you will find the transcription of the entire video.

Arlean: It’s time for our Live Healthy MD segment with Dr. Francisco Jacome; Live Healthy MD in Augusta, GA and also in Dublin and soon to be really all over the nation is what I’m really feeling.

Dr. Jacome: Yes, actually we have already opened an office in Dublin, we are working on expanding further. Places that we have in mind at this time is Macon. But we have nothing already open there; but soon hopefully, if everything works out good.

Arlean: Awesome, awesome. you touched on something the last time we were together and you coined a phrase “sick and tired...”.

Dr Jacome: ...of being sick and tired.

Arlean: Yeah, tell me about that.

Dr. Jacome: So, we were talking about what makes a decision of really jumping into weight loss, jumping into really changing your life. And the reality is the decision has to come from within. There are several things to take into account, but when you are really sick and tired of being sick and tired is when things are going to change. When you believe your life is not where you want it to be. When you feel like your body is holding you back from what your mind wants to do. Then it is time to make a change.

Arlean: Yeah it is. Well Dr. Jacome, excuse me. I was over 200 pounds, was not accustomed to being over 200 pounds and I wasn't going to end up being over 200 pounds. So I had gotten to the point where I had made that decision. That I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was sick and tired of being in pain, I was just sick and tired of the discomfort of it and the expense of being 5 feet tall over 200 pounds; I was as wide as I was tall.

Dr. Jacome: So, yes! It’s not only the cause that it is taking on your health because we are talking about diseases like diabetes, we are talking diseases like high blood pressure. You know diabetes is a very expensive disease that is going to take a token in everybody’s budget. You know same thing with blood pressure. Sleep apnea, talk about those machines. They are uncomfortable to sleep with; not uncomfortable for you but uncomfortable for your entire family.

Alrean: *laughing* The house.

Dr. Jacome: ...for the entire house. You can’t sleep with everybody snoring or with a machine pushing air. It is also the fact how your life can be what you want it to be. You know, problems getting into an airplane, problems getting into a booth in a restaurant.

Arlean: Right and you don’t think about those things until you are faced with “oh I can’t sit here” or “I have to pay for two seats”. When I walked the stairs at being 200 pounds, my stomach dictated how far I could raise my leg because if I raised my leg, my stomach would push it back and say “uhh, to high!”

Dr. Jacome: Yeah, we don’t realize how many limitations there are. There are things that we do on a daily basis that we don’t even think about; like bending down, tying your shoe. You know, things like picking up something from the floor that seemed effortless. But when your weight gets in the way, it may be a real task. You may have to find alternative ways to do things that we can commonly do without thinking twice.

And when people get to that point and realize how much their weight is taking away from their life, that is the time to make the decision. That’s the time to search for help and that’s when you can find us. And we will do it for you.

Arlean: Yeah, trusted and proven. And I’ve shared before in another segment that I watched the transformation of my girlfriend. And I’m not talking about one or two people that is in our circle, you know our church! Our entire church sees the difference. Other community members, they see the difference. And they ask her, “what did you do?” And she tells them about you.

Dr. Jacome: It is amazing how a true change with happen for the people that want it. Is it easy? No! A lot of people in this world are talking about a specific weight loss surgery. A lot of people think this is the easy way out.

Arlean: Right, exactly!

Dr. Jacome: Let me make it very clear! There is nothing easy about it. There is really nothing easy. It is weight loss surgery, it will take the weight way. But the problem is not the weight itself, it is the lifestyle. It is changing the mindset. Changing the way you feel about things. It is giving up your current life for a better one.

Arlean: For a better life.

Dr. Jacome: But it is a dramatic transition, which means it is not easy.Your body has to adjust, your mind has to adjust. You want to do the things that you did before and your body will reject them. And these are very hard changes. We see our patients go through it and suffer through it. But they all come out happy in the end.

Arlean: We were sitting in your waiting room, I saw some come in and come out. And the smiles that are on their faces, I know that they’ve had that transformation. And we want that for everyone that is watching us today. And I am grateful for this segment—your segment, Live Healthy MD, and they can expect to see if every week. You know so don’t think this is going to be one time where if you don’t get Dr. Jacome now, you are going to miss him. He will be on every week and if you don’t see him on television he is in Augusta, Georgia, and we will have the information on the screen, and in Dublin.

Dr. Jacome: ...and please, call us! Let us know how we can help!

Arlean: Awesome! We are going to a break and we will be right back after the break.

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