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Post Weight Loss Surgery
What You Didn’t Know About Post Weight Loss Surgery

After any extreme weight loss, including that which results from surgery or even natural methods, weird things can begin happening to the body. You may notice these signs and symptoms immediately following surgery or they may appear several weeks after surgery. Most of the symptoms that follow surgery are temporary and are a result of your body reacting to a change in nutrition, fat content, and eating habits.

1.Your hair may fall out.

Hair loss and thinning is normal about 3-6 months post-surgery and is due to the stress of surgery on the body and the rapid weight loss. The good news is that it does come back. Eating enough protein and taking appropriate vitamins can limit the loss and some vitamins can even speed up the growth. 

2. Your taste may change drastically. 

You may notice that certain foods you used to love eating prior to surgery are no longer appealing to your taste buds or even to your nose. In a similar fashion, foods that you despised eating may now be your favorites. Although the exact cause as to why your taste buds change is unknown, many doctors and dieticians suggest that this change is a result of the fluctuation of hormones in the body post-surgery.

3. You may no longer have diabetes after surgery before you even lose weight.

Many patients who have gastric bypass surgery leave the hospital with normal blood sugar levels and no longer have to take their diabetes medication. Although we expect blood sugar levels to improve as patients lose weight, the immediate turn around is shocking to both patients and doctors! It is believed that this rapid regulation of blood sugar levels is a result of the change in hormones that follow post-surgery. 

4. You won’t be hungry for a long time after surgery.

Weight loss surgery affects the hunger hormone ghrelin which is produced in the stomach. Many patients even feel that eating becomes a chore early out from surgery and have no interest in food at all. Physical hunger usually comes back eventually but usually isn’t nearly as intense as it was before surgery.

5. The basis of the weight loss surgery diet is meat.

Many people think that they will be eating lots of salads, fruit and fat-free and tasteless foods after weight loss surgery. However, dense protein foods like beef, poultry, pork, seafood, eggs, and cheese plus non-starchy veggies are the primary foods needed for successful weight loss surgery patients. 

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