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Celebrating the Non-Scale Victories after Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss patients often obsess over the number on the scale. As an RD (registered dietitian), I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard from patients how they just want to weigh a certain weight or lose that last 10 pounds. Too often, patients lose sight of what they have already accomplished and focus on only the end goal. 

The truth is that weight is only one measure of improved health after medical or surgical weight loss. The physical, emotional, and psychological victories that accompany weight loss are just as important as the numbers on the scale and should be celebrated as part of the journey to healthier living. 

As people lose weight, their health improves in numerous ways.

effects of weight loss and non scale victories

Many patients no longer need medications they may have taken for years. A huge non-scale victory (NSV) in our practice is when patients go off their medications.

Patients often tell us that their biggest non-scale victory occurs when they not only begin wearing smaller clothing sizes but when they can fit into smaller spaces such as a restaurant booth, a bus or train seat, a bathroom stall, etc. 

The improvement in the quality of life due to these seemingly basic improvements can be significant and is certainly a reason for celebration. Imagine the joy someone would experience at being able to participate in an event previously prevented by weight limitations!

Emotionally and Socially Positive.

With the change in the size of your waistline, there is also a change in the emotional and social outlook you will begin to have on life. Many patients share that as their confidence increases, they no longer isolate themselves and stay home. Patients who may have habitually refused invitations to go out often find that they are surprised at how social they have become!

Similarly, you will become an overall happier person. How you feel in your own skin has a direct impact on how you view life. By improving your confidence, you are guaranteed to not only be more social and active but to also have a more positive outlook on living!

One of the greatest pleasures of working with our patients is getting to witness people transforming their lives and celebrating both their on-scale and off-scale victories.

Are you ready to start celebrating non-scale victories with us? 

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