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The Talking it Up Show with Arlean Edwards is a local production that interviews keynote speakers within the CSRA. I, Dr. Jacome, was invited to join Arlean on set in a series of videos where I talk about what it takes to live healthy. This is the sixth video we are sharing from this series. You can find the first five videos on Calories, Dieting, Family Dynamics, Preparing for Change, and Restrictive Weight Loss on our blog. Be sure to also check out our YouTube Channel to watch the remaining videos on Surgical Weight Loss Procedures and Defining Morbid Obesity


Below you will find the transcription of the entire video.

Arlean: We’re back and it is time for Live Healthy MD with Dr. Francisco Jacome. I am excited about it!

Dr. Jacome: Thank you!

Arlean: I really want our viewing audience to know that I share my journey with bring over 200 pounds for them to know that—gosh that was 27 years ago that I was over 200 pounds—that it is possible to transform your life; and that’s what you and your colleagues do.

Dr. Jacome: Yeah so, it is important to know, number one, that there is nothing to be ashamed of. It requires effort to lose weight; it requires effort to change your life. It is something that is not easy. Regardless of the avenue that you use to be able to do it and regardless of the amount of effort. There are several ways of doing it, but the only thing that actually carries the long term success is changing your life around. Doing a diet for a couple months then going back to your lifestyle, it will not create a lasting change.

Arlean: No it won’t; you’ll yo-yo.

Dr. Jacome: Yeah, that will just create the yo-yo effect. Different people need different kinds of help. And motivation is probably the number one thing that is going to keep you going.

Arlean: Yeah most definitely. And I made a change; I've been vegetarian for 27 years, I don’t drink sodas. And we’ve talked before about the potatoes—I love potatoes, I sounds like Oprah, “I love bread”. No I love potatoes, but I know that potatoes don’t love me.

Dr. Jacome: No, I mean those are simple carbs. Anybody that eats them enough is going to run into trouble, especially trouble with health issues, diabetes, increased weight and so on. We have talked already about the different types of obesity, you know obese versus morbid obese; I want to mention a little about the treatment of them.

Arlean: Okay, let’s do that!

Dr. Jacome: There are several ways that a person can lose weight. So number one, you can do a diet. I don't want you to get the concept of a diet, what you find online and decided to do the grapefruit diet or one of these diets. When I mention a diet, I want you to understand that it requires a lifestyle change. It's not only quitting what your eating, but it's a lifestyle change that includes dietary changes, meaning what you eat, and a lifestyle changes like exercising. Which is probably, extremely important.

So I want to mention that the two major treatments are just diet and exercise versus a surgical treatment. So when a surgical treatment is appropriate is when the person has lost total control of their weight.

Arlean: Exactly!

Dr. Jacome: There are very specific guidelines for when a person will be approved for surgery and when a person will qualify for surgery.

Arlean: You can’t just say, “Look, I want to have surgery!”

Dr. Jacome: Yes! No, no.

Arlean: And then you say, “Okay, I'm going to schedule you next week for you to have your surgery”. It doesn't work like that.

Dr. Jacome: No! It doesn't work like that. When it comes to doing a surgery for weight loss, there is a very broad spectrum of surgeries and procedures that can be done that range from just having to undergo a procedure only with sedation, versus having general anesthesia and having a complete surgical procedure. The other spectrum is diet and exercise. So when diet and exercise is appropriate is when you have changed your mind. I do not say, “Okay, if your BMI is this or if your weight is this, your option is only surgery”. The higher your weight, the more inclined you should be towards surgery because it is going to be more effective than just diet and exercise. Somebody that is 20 pounds overweight, a lifestyle change would easily get them back to normal. Somebody that is over 100 pounds overweight, then the story is different. Then the person is going to require more than just a lifestyle change because, like we have talked about morbid obesity—which is being over 100 pounds overweight—will make body change. And once your body changes, it is going to be extremely difficult to get it back to where it should be.

Arlean: I want to ask you a question though—oh I don’t want to interrupt you. Someone comes, and lets say they meet all the qualifies for the surgery, and they are diabetic, can you assist them?

Dr. Jacome: Yes! Actually one of the...I'm going to just briefly mention because we are going to talk more about this. The surgical procedures, the actual procedures that we do to help people lose weight, some of them can actually cure diabetes. If a person has diabetes, type 2, and chooses to have a surgical procedure for weight loss—and we are going to mention those {surgeries} in the future—8 out of 10 people are going to be cured from diabetes overnight.

Arlean: That's phenomenal!

Dr. Jacome: It's like a miracle. It’s overnight! “I’m diabetic today; I did the surgical procedure today, I’m diabetes free tomorrow!” And a lot of people don’t know that. We, even as physicians, have a very good idea as to why that happens but we don’t truly, fully understand the details of it. But it's definitely a miracle.

Arlean: Wow!

Dr. Jacome: Bariatric surgery has shown to cure diabetes, cure blood pressure problems, cure sleep apnea, cure cholesterol problems in a very, very high percentage. So it is important to understand that bariatric surgery is not the easy way out, number one, because it requires a lifestyle change, it requires a procedure. Now it carries a lot of benefits—the benefit of getting rid of diabetes,the benefit of getting rid of blood pressure problems, sleep apnea and cholesterol.

Arlean: ...and living better!

Dr. Jacome: and living better.

Arlean: and that what it all comes down to. Well you know, it goes back to what you do and your practice—Live Healthy MD. So they put you on that path to living healthy. I really appreciate what you do and as I’ve shared before we started doing this particular segment, I talk about my journey. When I went back to the OBGYN for that follow-up and she put in big letters—OBESE. I was like, “oh my gosh! I’ve become another person!”.

Dr. Jacome: Yep!

Arlean: “...I’ve become another person!” We are going to go to a break, we are going to come back from the break and then we are going to do another segment, a little bit later on, and we are going to talk about some other things that you need to know—that there are options for you to Live Healthy, MD. Don’t trust anybody...I’m not saying “don’t trust anybody”, I trust you and your team because I know people that have the testimony that their lives have been transformed. And I give an endorsement to Live Healthy MD, Dr. Francisco Jacome. We are going to take a break; we will be right back after the break.

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