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weight loss surgery revisions

Why you May Need a Weight Loss Surgery Revision

As bariatric surgeons, our goal is to improve the long-term outcomes for our post-bariatric surgery patients, including decreasing the need for a weight loss surgery revision. Bariatric surgery results in a physiologic reset within the body that helps patients lose weight and maintain that weight loss long term.  However, in some circumstances, a patient may […]
stomach pouch stretch after bariatric surgery

Can Your Stomach Pouch Stretch After Bariatric Surgery?

One of the most common questions in the field of bariatrics is asking, “can your stomach pouch stretch after bariatric surgery?” Patients want to understand what they can expect regarding stomach size long-term after a gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, or duodenal switch.  Despite height and weight, almost all adults have the same stomach size. Before […]