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5 Supplements to Start Incorporating for Improved Health

What is biohacking, you might ask? Well, it’s a DIY way to make changes in your lifestyle for improved health and wellness. These changes are usually small and incremental, which means you can start incorporating them right now! One way to ease this process is by using biohacking supplements, and here are the most important […]
Christmas Giveway Bariatric vitamins

Christmas Giveaway!

We know that Christmas is a time to celebrate. And we are giving you more reasons to be holly and jolly. We are doing a giveaway! We will be selecting two lucky winners to win a 6 month supply of our bariatric multivitamins. Check out the video below to find out how you can enter […]
supplements to take after weight loss surgery

Why You Should Begin Taking Supplements

I frequently get questions about taking supplements including how often you should take them, for how long, and what types of supplements you need to take. Contrary to some medical articles I have read that show no benefit to taking supplements, I am a huge advocate for supplements, for many reasons.
calcium supplements after weight loss surgery

Supplementing Calcium After Weight Loss Surgery

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body. The majority of the calcium in your body is used for the structure of your bones and your teeth while the rest is in your muscles and throughout your blood. So it may come as a shock to learn that calcium deficiency is a very common condition that […]